About Me


I studied photography at a time when film was the only medium available and learnt how to process my own B&W films and prints.  For a while I stopped taking pictures but following the purchase of a digital camera and a trip to Finland I was inspired again and discovered it enabled some inexpensive experimentation and from there I developed a new set of skills. With the PC becoming the new darkroom it was easier to find time and space to produce material that I was happier with.


Landscapes have always been a predominant interest of mine and influenced by the great photos of Ansell Adams I took a trip to Yosemite National Park which made me rethink the landscape, a physical experience, and the framing choices photographers make . A little closer to home, the Lake District is an awe inspiring place for Landscape photography in the UK and has been a great source of inspiration and joy to me and many more trips and shots will indeed follow.


I have more recently been exploring and pushing the limits of my mobile phone camera which has enabled me to capture moments I may have otherwise missed. As technology has moved on the quality has greatly improved and having editing tools in the device makes it a very useful medium to explore in its own right.

Influences: Ansell Adams, Anton Corbijn, Storm Thorgerson


I studied as a Sound Engineer with a wide interest in Electronica.  Favouring Ambient music my pieces tend to be more ambient and this links in with the visual aspect of my creativity. Some of my work has been used therefore quite naturally with film.

Influences: Vangelis, William Orbit, Jonn Serrie, BT, Steve Roach, Xerxes, Jon Hopkins, Ulrich Schnauss, Helios